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Sangi Patel

Sangi Patel

“One fine Wednesday night in November 2002 changed my life ... but it has given me the strength and determination to be who I am today"

Newly diagnosed?

If you have recently been diagnosed with Hughes/antiphospholipid syndrome, you may feel overwhelmed and isolated. This section aims to help you learn about your diagnosis, how to find support and feel more in control of your health

Signs and symptoms

Hughes/antiphospholipid syndrome can cause a myriad of different symptoms both low-grade, such as headaches, and also serious conditions as a result of blood clots. It is not necessary to have all the symptoms to be diagnosed with Hughes/antiphospholipid syndrome.

Hughes Syndrome Foundation aims to ...

...achieve earlier diagnosis and the best possible treatment for patients by:

  • informing doctors, nurses and GPs about Hughes/antiphospholipid syndrome
  • raising awareness in the media and general public about Hughes/antiphospholipid syndrome
  • offering support and understanding to anyone affected by the condition
  • raising funds to provide support, education and research

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